Saturday, 7 October 2017

Exploding Books

Saturday  7th October

Our October session began with discussion of the triumphs and tragedies of making matchbox books.  Mostly they were triumphs  - see photos- but occasional problems were discussed andhopefully, got over, although we are not sure if anyone will be able to make a convincing Christmas Tree out of matches any time soon!  This had clearly been a stimulating theme and some members had made more than one book. 

We then looked at paper in more depth than we had before, and had fun trying to guess the weight of various papers and checking grain direction. Interestingly, some of the cheaper papers were  rated more highly than the expensive ones. Thanks to Mbag, our colleagues on the Borders,     for the paper glossary.  

We followed this with a making session on exploded books. These have great potential for book artists, with pockets and many pages to fill with stories. We made two types, one a simple two box model and the other a three box model with handkerchief corners-very decorative. Big thanks to Wendy for inspiration and some great papers. See the template for a simple two box book.


Our theme for November and December (bring books to the December meeting if ready please) is “Paper Cuts”.

Wilderness in a matchbox........ 
Check this wonderful video about creating  content for artists books by Charles Hobson.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Textile Talk and Demonstration

September saw us meeting Ann Paterson and Jen Collier, who led us through a condensed form of a full day worksshop on 'Textiles in Book  Art'  in only 3 hours!   Described as 'mind blowing' by several group members, we discovered several new ways of incorporating textiles into our books, and indeed making books entirely from textiles such as calico (useful with prepared surfaces of gesso or emulsion).  These rolls make great travelling sketch books being light and portable.  We also looked at stitch as part of bookmaking.   We experimented with making marks using stamps, inks and other applicators at the end of the session. Such a fun session. Sites mentioned  to have a look at include:
ArtVanGo    for Tbag paper, 
Tim Holz   for ideas on using distress pads and inks. 
Print me Pretty for transfer of designs to textile.    (
and the  book, 'Colour on paper and fabric' by Ruth Issett.

Ann and Jen

         In the spirit of next month show and tell I have done my homework with a band for my Journal.  Also I was doing some research for my daughter, looking at the local News papers on Micro film 1914 every fourth page was about Suffragettes.
   Thanks once again for making me most welcome and some great idea’s.
                                                                                                       All the best    Eric

Erics, signature boot sale wallet

Embroiderers Guild Notice :
We have a very interesting project with  the guild for next year, for a September 2018 exhibition at the Anglican Cathedral based on the voyage of HMS Endeavour and Captain Cook, and Joseph Banks, the botanist who was on board  collecting Botany Specimens.   Embroideries of plants, Captain Cook's Maori Robe, and anything else about the voyage which inspires people to create is welcome.

See Brenda for further details.

Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Spread a Little Love

Check out this website link and consider taking part, we still have time for this year.

                                               Screenshot from the above website .

Monday, 7 August 2017

Books that don't look like books

We welcomed two new visitors, Jenny and Debbie, and our furthest-flung member Eric from Australia to the August meeting.   We also reflected on the success of the Liverpool Book Arts Fair and collected together some of the map book pages.
Final date for collection of the pages is our September meeting please.

Members then did a show and tell of books they had made over the past 4 weeks.

Wallet Sketch Book

3D Pop up Book

Bird Song Book
The group followed up by  looking at 'books that don't look like books' in an attempt to broaden our horizons when it comes to book making. From woven books, to round books, form talking heads to sacred cows we were taken on a broad journey, and afterwards had an opportunity to have a go ourselves. Interesting shapes and ideas emerged, some complete and some ideas in development.



We decided it is time for some of the members to take a turn setting  the themes for forthcoming months so the theme for October is  'wilderness in a match box' .  

Template for the matchbox (or you can make your own/use an existing one) is available on the workshop page.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Joint Book Project

August 2017

Saturday sees us in the library meeting room 2 once more, when we will be looking at books that don't look like books. Interesting! Please bring along your usual cutting mat and tools, plus some paper. No particular sort of paper required for this session.

We shall also of course be looking at the Liverpool fair outcomes, and I will be bringing back books for those of you who had not collected them at the end of the fair, plus of course paying anyone whose work sold. Those of you who participated on the table, please bring some change to pay your share of our table, likely to be £10 or under. Also it would be good to see your map pages and we can then bind them together. If anyone is making a map page and can't get to the meeting for some reason, please let me know as we need all the pages before they can be bound.  Work in progress or questions as always welcome if you wish to share, but absolutely no requirement for this..........Marilyn

We will be gathering together all the pages for our joint large folding book project, 'Journeys' at our next meeting ....... below are some of the first photos of completed pages.

Please keep them coming.