Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Book Block


Estelle kindly sent some photos of her exhibition pieces and the above link to the exhibition in Llandudno.

February meeting notes

We welcomed Mandy back to our meetings, and Chris for the first time. Congratulations to Estella who has a big exhibition on at the moment (books and prints) see link above.

A packed room started the process of making a cased in book. This month we made the book block, involving measuring, stitching and glueing and much concentration, but everyone completed the block ready for the next stage later in the year.

The link for linen tape is for Shepherds who have many bookbinding supplies, http://store.bookbinding.co.uk/store/category/93/227/Sewing-Threads%2C-Tapes-%26-Cords/. The scrim is a printmaker’s scrim and you can get it from Pegasus art (quite coarse) at https://www.pegasusart.co.uk/?searchStr=Scrim. Intaglio (intaglioprintmaker.com) also have it, and may call it tarlatan.

Much discussion about our exhibit for Liverpool. We agreed the basis of the display, and everyone is making 'moth' books focussing on the ills of the world, ancient or modern. Jane has been given the task of making a book about 'hope'. We have to submit the completed piece early in April, so please bring completed moth books to the April meeting, along with any props you think might help. Chris suggested using the wire hangers used for card display-if anyone has any if these please bring them along.

Brenda is leading our contribution to the Embroiderer’s Guild Endeavour exhibition in September. She will make a visitor’s book, for which we are welcome to contribute drawings, sketches or paintings inspired by Cook ( the expedition or the flora.) These will be attached to the book. A timeline in scroll form is also planned, and again we are welcome to contribute as above.

The March meeting is a change from the circulated programme. Instead of trying out gelli plate printing, we’ll be texturising kraft paper and tissue paper to make leather look-alikes for book covers. Sue and Frances will be leading the session.

Check Workshop page for instructions on how to make 'Weathered Tissue'

For a great set of Youtube videos on how to make your own Gelli plate and how to use them check this link......


Friday, 19 January 2018

Herbarium - World Museum

Brenda, Jane and Marilyn joined the Merseyside Embroiderer’s Guild for a tour of the herbarium at the World Museum, as well as a view of some of the zoological specimens and some costumes from Oceana. The herbarium has a huge folio edition of the drawings from Thomas Cook’s first voyage to Australasia, alongside some specimens from that era. 

Brenda was especially taken with the silver ferns from New Zealand, Jane with some of the bark,  whilst Marilyn loved the lorikeets whose colours seem as fresh as if they were new specimens. Lots of ideas for the contribution we are planning to the Endeavour exhibition at the cathedral in September. Big thanks to the Embroiderer’s Guild for their generosity in sharing the behind-the-scenes tour and the exhibition.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Liverpool Book Art Exhibition

I’m pleased to say that our submission for the Liverpool Book Art Exhibition has been accepted, and all we have to do now us make it! For April set up!! 

So, at our next meeting in February  we’ll be discussing how we put the exhibit together, and you can ask any questions about your book. As a recap, we’re focusing on the opening of Pandora’s jar containing all the ills of the world, with our books in a specific form although content can be as varied as you like.  We will also need a book to represent Hope at the bottom of the jar. If you think you have any materials which might be of use for the exhibit, eg Wendy’s jar or Frances’ idea for a papier mache jar, please either bring them along or be prepared to discuss them at the meeting.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Exposed Hinge Book

North West Book Artists began the New Year with a discussion of future plans-this looks like being a busy year - and then a discussion of the state of our finances and thoughts about membership. We will reexamine this later in the year. We also agreed to a review of our mailing list. A  quick show and tell of work completed since our last meeting followed.  Interesting work on, amongst others,  hand coloured paper using leaf dyes, the re-use of old greetings cards to make new ones,  an ornament made of old cards which could also made as a  book form and a long stitch book completed.


We then made an exposed hinge book in which one could store used but special Christmas or other cards. Or indeed photographs or anything else. This style can be made in smaller and larger formats, and looks especially good with coloured hinges. Use PVA to glue pages to hinges if you have time and patience, or double sided tape if you have neither.


The next blog will have details of our February project, making signatures for a case-bound book and designing a calligraphic label for our “Journeys” collaborative book. Meeting room 2 is ours from 10 a.m. to 1p.m. only, so please try and be prompt.

Has anyone noticed we always seem to have food on the table ?

Monday, 8 January 2018

News from Australia

Thought you would like this.
King Parrots male and female. They turn up most days,sometimes I don’t hear them i just look around and they are there.
still making the diary sketchbooks
I made these from the maps we got in 2015 I tried different types of Stab Binding
Good night. Last one as I am of to bed,early start Birding.
all the best