Monday, 4 December 2017

Christmas 2017

Our Christmas meeting was enjoyable as always, with some seriously yummy food to share. Maybe food and making items out of white card is not the best combination, but we managed. We welcomed Sue Hewitt, new to us but not to book making.


We had the opportunity to see the bound map book collaborative project, and Sue Maloney volunteered to do the calligraphy for the cover. Those of us who had made paper cut books shared them, and we also caught up with some matchbox books. Lots of thought and originality - Frances recommends camp coffee rather than granules when ageing paper for books. We also discussed next year’s draft programme, which has now been slightly amended to take account of availability, and talked about our various commitments next year, which include Croxteth Park gardens and possibly Endeavour exhibitions, the Liverpool Book Art exhibition and Fair. Sue reminded us that the closing date for entry is not far off, so Marilyn will put together a sketchy combined entry from NWBA and we’ll see if we are accepted.

We finished by making white card paper houses and lit them with battery lights.

We wish all readers of this blog
a very Happy Christmas and a 
peaceful and book-ish New Year.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Eco printing


For more details about Fran's eco printing please use the link below to her blog.

Below is an example of my first experiment into eco dying with leaves. It was 75%  successful so I was very happy with the results.  It certainly matters which leaves you use.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

North Wales Print Fair

Estella has been very busy over the last few months..........

' I did the first ever North Wales Print Fair at Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno, last Saturday, only included a few books as no room on the table, but sold several,  which was quite exciting. Mostyn have asked me to have a solo print exhibition there next year.'

Monday, 13 November 2017

Joint map project

Marilyn and Jane did a wonderful job over the weekend putting the pages together on the map book.  It took four hours to complete and I believe fingers are very sore and numb.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Long Stitch

November 2017

We welcomed Maisie, a new visitor who brought some lovely books to show us, and Heather from the Marches Book Artists to the meeting, and said our goodbyes to Carole, who is moving to Norfolk. All good wishes for the future go with her, and we gave her a small star book filled with messages for her new life.  Carole taught us a new word - 'ambigram'. This is a word that can be be read from back to front or upside down and still retain its meaning.

We have two probable exhibitions next year- 'Frankenstein ' for the Liverpool Book Arts Fair  exhibition  in July  and Botanic garden-related books for Croxteth in August. A meeting of the Croxteth garden society on the evening of November 16th will give some background to this opportunity-please let Brenda know if you’d like to go. (via Marilyn). Also a possible tie in with the Endeavour (Cpt Cook and Joseph Banks) exhibition.
(   for more information.

We have time to think of ideas and books for these events.

Elizabeth Willow, Liverpool based artist and known to many of us, gave a very detailed and considered explanation of long stitching, a useful binding technique which stitches the signatures to the binding with no glue used. In our session we almost managed to get the stitching completed. This is a complex binding to get your head around but Elizabeth made it look as easy as possible, and accommodated her pace to ours. Big thanks to Elizabeth for a very inspirational session. Paper provided was a 140gsm Zerkall paper, card for a cover, and threads were single strand embroidery cord, better than multi stranded cord for this stitch. We noted that graph paper makes working out the stitch patterns much easier, or use musical stave paper. It’s a good idea to use different colour pens for the different stitch patterns on your grid.